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Provision for Old Age through Real Estate

Real estate can be an important part of a personal pension scheme as inflation-protected property.

Owner-occupied property, as well as rented property, occupies an important place in the personal pension management for many people. Rent-free living within your own four walls or even a regular renting income are often indispensable building blocks for personal retirement provision.

Our real estate department helps you to find a suitable property, to evaluate your existing property and, where appropriate, to sell.

There are numerous requests from the large pool of our clients for building land and offers to sell houses and apartment blocks. In this respect, you will find a market for the sale of your property and a solution to your search for a property – both with DIVAL.

Credit acceptance, restructuring or rescheduling can be arranged here with us in-house.

For any specific concerns, please use the form “Real estate questions”.

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