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Property and Assets

Protection of personal property

The proper collection and evaluation of insurable property and assets is the basis for the comprehensive protection of personal property.

Household goods supplemented by special valuables, such as coins, stamps, paintings, antiques, and jewellery, also home and property, all play a central role in the private sector. DIVAL develops an in-depth assessment of your personal property together with you and recommends the appropriate insurance cover.

Insurance against natural forces

The natural events of the last few years indicate the need to be sure to include the insurance against natural forces in the review of your insurance cover. To forego this insurance module would be to take a high risk, which bears no reasonable relationship to the possible additional premium.

Legal protection insurance

Whether an individual, freelancer or trader – nobody is immune to litigation. Consequently, not only your own lawyers’ fees, witness fees, experts’ and court costs, but also those of the opposing lawyer, as far as these need to be paid, can lead to significant financial burdens. In these cases, legal protection insurance comes into play and helps with questions of traffic accidents, work and private contractual disputes, rent and property disputes, and many other cases.

Insurance of electronics and solar energy systems

As technology develops in the private sector, more electronic instruments and equipment, as well as their accompanying software and data, become a focus of interest for insurance.

Heating based on photovoltaic and solar systems is used increasingly in new buildings and for energy renovation in existing buildings. Electronics and solar energy systems should always be taken into account in the risk assessment.

The uncommon is a challenge for us as an insurance broker.

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