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Car insurance is not as easy as many think

Do you know about...

  1. Driving licence rules, second car classification, raccoon bites, the advanced wildlife damage clause, discount protection, or leasing differential cover?
  2. Driver protection, own damage cover, brakes, internal operating and breakage insurance for company vehicles?
  3. Cost rate, single policy or fleet-based rate?

DIVAL has the expertise in terms of automobile insurance and knows what lies behind each of these terms. We can tell you when, where and what is required, and what discounts are available. The world of car insurance has become very complex and often confusing for you as a policyholder. DIVAL is the reliable partner for you, because everything must be right in case of damage.

Insurance of motor vehicle fleets

Car insurance for vehicles registered to companies needs very special know-how. We can give you interesting financial advantages about the insurance of vehicle fleets and especially the development of fleet agreements.

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