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Insurance for Research and Development

Traditional insurance companies are inadequate

Research and development in all areas of the economy of our country are of existential importance to us as an export nation. Developments and novel products in the Max-Planck-Fraunhofer and other institutes and research centres are often insufficiently covered by conventional insurance. Innovative insurance solutions are increasingly needed for research and development.

Defence of claims to protect intellectual property

Disputes over the rights to intellectual property have gained a whole new dimension in global competition. Claims for compensation due to copyright abuse or breach of confidentiality agreements can be seen in this context, and can destroy years of
research and development work.

We know the risks in research and development

Through the support of operators of technology and business incubators and innovative companies of different orientation, DIVAL knows the problems that can occur concerning the assessment of liability risks and the security of property and assets. The insurance solutions we offer give you the security you need in order to lower the risk for products and processes at market entry.

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