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Insurance for Clubs and Social Institutions

Clubs – Each case is different (or on a case by case basis)

To what extent insurance cover for a club, its institutions and members is necessary,
depends on the individual case. In many cases, a club liability insurance is sufficient.
In other cases, a classic public liability with integrated Club liability insurance is recommended. Similarly to joint-stock companies, a property damage liability insurance may also be useful for associations.
DIVAL is here for you with its knowledge and experience of clubs and social institutions. Secure professional advice and an optimal insurance coverage.

Social institutions – protect values

Our society would be much poorer if there were no emergency services and social institutions which stand up for people in difficult situations.

The budget of these social services generally depends on contributions from the public purse and on the charitable contributions of citizens. Expenditure on insurance are very limited in many facilities.

However, it is necessary to protect existing values and to secure the legally very complex liability situations correctly. DIVAL has extensive experience in working with social media. We support you with tailor-made insurance solutions, so that you can take care of needy people.

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