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Insurance for Architects and Engineers

Everything is changing

Architecture and technology are living things which constantly evolve and transform. Nothing is impossible and no fact unthinkable: This can lead to an unpredictable
damage or loss.

The framework for the work itself is also constantly changing regarding statutory regulations, requirements of professional organisations, etc. - which can be territorially very different or involve contractual requirements of foreign customers. Liability arises from all these factors, constantly growing in cases of worsening consumer-friendly law, which can be minimized by insurance for architects and engineers.

Our service for architects and engineers

As an independent broker, DIVAL keeps track of new developments for its clients. Therefore, we will inform you about mandatory requirements which affect your liability, such as the amount of the guarantees to be agreed or deductibles.

It is also part of our service to analyse the insurance and risk and adapt to your needs. We ensure that there are no outdated clauses agreed in the treaties or the contractual agreements of arbitration accepted by the professional liability insurance of the client.

Insurance: You are not alone

There is a principle which applies not only to technology: Everything possible, will
happen - even after many years have passed. The cause of the damage is often associated with a failure in the intellectual work of the architects or engineers.

When it comes to a matter of liability, DIVAL accompanies you from the day you sign the contract and ensures that you are not alone with the insurer for the independent proceedings for the taking of evidence.

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