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Insurance for Artists, Artistes and Works of Art

Insurance is an art!

Each art form needs its specialists, for example, fine art, applied and performing arts, music, or literature. Art and artistic activities are infinitely varied. The risks arising from these for artists, artistes and works of art are accordingly different.

A gallery owner, art or antiques dealer has different insurance needs than a restorer or a museum. A theatre does not need the same cover as a variety artiste. DIVAL has the right solution for each client.

Protection against claims from third parties

DIVAL is also your partner when it comes to professional, business and event liability.
We also help when a third party claims against you for violation of copyright, publicity
or trademark rights.

If the event is cancelled

There is a technical failure, the electricity fails, a storm is threatened or important people cannot appear: This is the nightmare of every tour operator. In the case that the event cannot take place or fails due to factors which are beyond your control, DIVAL can assist you with your claim for the costs incurred and lost revenue from the insurers.

Standard solutions are not required

The insurance cover is adapted to the customer’s needs and not vice versa; this is one of DIVAL’s basic principles. Consequently, we work together exclusively with specialty insurers that have an excellent network in the art world and expert knowledge in the fields of art, artists and artistes. A potential claim can be adjusted more efficiently, quickly and with maximum discretion.

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