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Insurance for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Protection against claims for damages

Doctors and medical professionals enjoy a high social standing. They worry about the most important thing there is for a human being – health. Involvement in high expertise and dedicated work sometimes does not prevent malpractice or misdiagnosis from slipping in. Often quite high compensation for the resulting loss of earnings will be claimed for this.

You can be sure that you effectively protect yourself against claims for compensation
with the DIVAL cover plan for the professional liability insurance of physicians and medical professionals. Whether extended criminal complaints, the co-insurance of medical equipment or sufficient external coverage and subsequent liability
insurance – our insurance plans include premium modules that are not widely used.

Insurance for cost and earnings risks

DIVAL offers convincing insurance solutions for the protection of investment and working capital, as well as for the cost and earnings risks. Insurance at replacement value without fair value reserve and including technical progress is, of course, in the plans for doctors and medical professionals.

We clarify your needs individually in the event of a business interruption due to the realisation of an insured risk or illness of a professional member of staff. Through our customer liaison and care service, we ensure that changes are continuously monitored and reviewed with regard to their security relevance.


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