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Legal insurance

The professional liability insurance for lawyers, tax advisers and business consultants meets the different functions of their varied objectives and also serves the interests of their respective professional organisations. The conclusion and the maintenance of such insurance is, therefore, not only a legal obligation, but also an imperative of reason.

The products offered by the insurance companies for this purpose reflect the statutory minimum standards, but do not, in many cases, reflect the actual needs for protection of lawyers, tax advisers and consultants. Whether trading partnership, professional partnership or ostensible partnership – DIVAL makes sure that cover of the specific liability situation is adjusted to the need. This also applies to associations of members of various professions, such as lawyers, tax advisors and auditors.

Disclaimers which do not apply

The activities of the consultant on behalf of their clients is very diverse and cannot, therefore, be stereotypically classified.

Service contracts relating to disclaimers can protect one from possible claims for damages from the customer. Management of a professional contract is very important at a time when statistically every third project is not successfully completed.

Experience also shows that the boundaries between services and contract are sometimes fluid and agreed disclaimers are not always according to the law. The consequences can be expensive! DIVAL protects both consultant and their good reputation with flexible cover customized to their needs.

Reliability for the settlement of claims

In case of a claim, DIVAL is reliably on the side of its client. The insurance companies we recommend for lawyers, tax advisers and business consultants are not looking for exclusions and gaps in the conditions, but are interested in a fast and easy solution.

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