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Insurance for Manufacturing

Risk situations are changing

As products over the years continue to develop and change, so the risk situations change in business enterprises connected with manufacturing industries. The essential tasks are to identify these changes, to evaluate them and to take measures to offer optimum insurance coverage for your company.

Customized insurance coverage

DIVAL can’t handle your entrepreneurial risk for you. But we can construct your contracts commensurate with the risk and tailor them to suit a market need. So we adapt your business interruption insurance if contingency losses may have implications for your business. Or we extend the public liability if necessary by required items within the frame of the extended product liability insurance.

D & O liability (Directors’ and Officers’ Liability) and balance sheet protection

Damages due to breaches of duty resulting from negligence, error or omission are of increasing importance for the management of companies in manufacturing industries.
We can advise you which cover is important to protect against the consequences of this damage, and how a very good sensible condition can be expanded by the inclusion of additional clauses.

Support in the event of damage or loss

Our holistic care of manufacturing companies includes claims management.
We accompany you in the event of a claim and negotiate on equal terms with the risk carrier for the enforcement of your legitimate claims.

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