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Company Pension Schemes – Annuities

Company pension schemes are gaining importance

Company pension schemes (bAV) are an important addition to the statutory pension,
the performance of which has deteriorated. In view of demographic developments, the company pension scheme under the aspect of employee acquisition and retention is steadily gaining importance.

Their implementation is hampered by the constantly changing legal regulations and the jungle of suppliers, implementation paths and possibilities. The cost of the contractor to comply with their obligations and to take advantage of the many human resource and business opportunities for occupational retirement provision is very high.

What can you expect from us?

DIVAL analyses, builds and maintains company pension schemes and ensures the optimal design in accordance with the operational needs and the current jurisdiction.

We also look at the qualified consultation of employees for the implementation of the rights of deferred compensation.

Our services regarding the company pension schemes save companies time and money, increase sound legal protection and allow appropriate decisions.

Company pension schemes for company directors

A main focus of our activities is to ensure company pensions for top managers.
There are particularly high requirements in the construction of the pensions, as well
as in the design of labour and tax law.

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