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Private Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance

Liability risks can assume existential proportions at worst. Their protection, therefore,
is recognised by insurers as among the most important insurance in the private and business sectors. Liability insurers offer two major benefits:

    •    Defence against unauthorized claims
    •    Costs for legitimate demands

Private liability risks

There is liability insurance for many different areas of daily life. According to your own personal situation, liability risks can occur when hunting, travelling, as pet owners, owners of oil tanks, owners of real estate, or for sporting and recreational activities.

DIVAL helps you to recognize the liability risks, on the one hand, and to properly evaluate and select the content of the liability insurance with the appropriate insurance company, on the other hand.

Debt default insurance

The addition of a debt default insurance completes the back-up in the case that a contributor to damage has no liability insurance and/or is not in a position financially to pay for the damage caused.

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