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Personal Insurance

Disability insurance

Disability insurance plays an important role in the protection of the labour force and the related personal income. This insurance should be started at a young age.

If you decide to get disability insurance too late, it may not be possible due to already existing illnesses or the results of past accidents.

Health insurance

Good health is the most precious thing in the life of every person. No one is immune from disease. Therefore, the insurance of the financial risks of disease has a very basic meaning. When choosing the right health insurance, the individual situation and also the ideas of the person to be insured with regard to their protection play a major role.

The variety of offers and their wide range and diverse content require a thorough consultation between an insurance broker such as DIVAL and the person to be insured. Our specialised staff offers you an individual consultation.

Supplementary nursing insurance

The increased life expectancy of people is the result of increased living standards and highly effective medical care. As a side effect, we need an increased high-maintenance nursing of elderly people – an estimated 2.5 million in Germany. Because the statutory insurance covers only part of the costs, an additional, private pension provision by means of supplementary care insurance is advised to protect one’s own property and that of your children.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance is closely linked with the financial security of labour. Physical restrictions and health problems can be the result of an accident, and this creates the need for financial compensation for the failure or limitation of labour.

The staff of DIVAL offers an inexpensive and tailor-made insurance from the multitude of offers.

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